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About us


Bitsolution is a locally owned Information Technology Consulting Firm specializing in serving mid-tier businesses, non-profit organizations, and government organisations in Samoa. Bitsolution offers a wide range of Information Technology consulting services, utilizing proven IT and managerial methodologies to achieve world-class results.

Bitsolution a very successful, Samoa-based ICT consultancy firm with a proven track record in successfully leading large complex ICT projects in Samoa. Bitsolution delivers practical methodologies and world-class solutions for all our clients. Our team has a combined total of 30+years working experience in ICT and have developed various databases, websites, web-based system/platform for various sectors inclusive infrastructure, livelihood e.g. Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) and others i.e. Land Transport Authority (LTA), Samoa Bureau of Statistics (SBS), Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL), Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure (MWTI), Samoa Ports Authority (SPA) Samoa Stationary and Books Limited (SSAB), Samoa Shipping Services etc.

We have proven experience and skills in knowledge management systems and software(s). We have excellent communication skills as we are a qualified trainer for the Samoa In-country Training Programme (SICTP) (GoSamoa, Australia initiative) and conduct regular training(s) for various stakeholders in the area of ICT & specific issues (e.g. ICT & governance; ICT & private sector;ICT & people with disabilities; ICT & communities etc).


Listed below are the number of projects done by our Bitsolution ICT Consulting Firm

A. System Development - PHP, JavaScript & MySQL projects

  1. Seafarer Content Management System - Samoa Shipping Services (SS)
  2. Driver’s License System (DLS) - Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  3. Evoucher System (ES) - Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF)
  4. Firewall Control System (FCS) - Samoa Bureau of Statistics (SBS)
  5. Labour Market Information System (LMIS) - Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL)
  6. Helpdesk System - Samoa Stationary and Books Limited (SSAB)
  7. Integrated Database System - Ministry of Works, Transport & Infrastructure (MWTI)
  8. SACEP system - Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF)
  9. Integrated Database System - Samoa Shipping Services (SSS)
  10. Manifest System - Samoa Ports Authority (SPA)
  11. Integrated Database System - Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL)
  12. Customer Information System - Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC)
  13. Spell Test Analysis System - Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC)
  14. Access Benefit Sharing (ABS) Database System - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE)

B. Open Source Linux Kernel Firewall - IPTABLES & BandwidthD 

  1. Firewall Control System - Samoa Stationary and Books Limited (SSAB)
  2. Firewall Control System - Samoa Bureau of Statistics (SBS)
  3. Firewall Control System - Samoa Ports Authority (SPA)

C. Website Development - Open Source Content Management System

  1. Website - Samoa Bureau of Statistics (SBS)
  2. Website - Samoa Shipping Services (SSS)

D. IT Training (8 Times as a Trainer for Samoa In Country Training)

  1. Conduct Training - Web Design and Portal Design - Samoa In Country Training (1 x 1)
  2. Conduct Training - Network Management and Administration - Samoa In Country Training (1 x 1)
  3. Conduct Training - Advanced Computer and IT Skills - Samoa In Country Training (1 x 3)
  4. Conduct Training - Basic Computer and IT Skills - Samoa In Country Training  (1 x 3)

E. Analysis Report

  1. Samoa National ID Analysis Report - (Samoa Bureau of Statistics)
  2. Centralised Crime Statistics Database (Auafamau) Analysis Report - (Ministry of Justice Courts and Administration)